Skirt Steak Pinwheels


HBB Skirt Steak
1 Small Yellow Onion
2-3 Cloves Garlic
1 Tbsp Butter
Provolone cheese


1. Unravel HBB skirt steak. Use a mallet to level out the skirt steak to about 1 cm thickness. Salt and pepper both sides of the steak.
2. Chop onion and mince garlic. In a medium size sauce pan melt the butter on medium heat. Add onions and sauté until translucent. Add garlic and sauté until fragrant. Be careful not to burn the garlic. (If you want a little sweetness to your dish continue to cook onions until they are golden and caramelized -as seen in the video- and the garlic to the onions about 1 minute before the onions are done.)
3. Spread onion and garlic mixture over the steak. Then cover the mix with a layer of provolone cheese.
4. It’s rolling time! Start on the most narrow end and roll to the wider end (regardless of the shape of the steak, roll with the grain). Make sure you’re keeping it nice and tight as you roll.
5. Starting in the middle of the steak roll, tie a piece of kitchen twine to secure the steak. Working outward from the center, place more ties of kitchen twine, in one inch intervals, until the whole steak roll is tied up. For additional security put toothpicks right by the twine alternating sides of the twine to help the twine stay in place.
6. With a sharp knife cut your pinwheels by slicing between each piece of tied twine. Place each slice on a lightly greased baking sheet
7. Bake at 300 degrees for until an internal temperature of 130 degrees, about 15 minutes (if you like a medium rare steak). Cover with aluminum foil and rest for 15-20 minutes.

Happy Cooking! 😋