Our Ranchers

Our ranch has been a family-owned business since 1878. Come meet our 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th generation ranchers!

Nedra - 3rd generation rancher

Nedra is the beautiful matriarch of our family; the mother to Scott & Eric and grandmother to Ryan & Mitch. She was born and raised in Logan, UT. While in college, she met her husband, Ray. In the early years of their marriage, he served stateside in the Counter Intelligence Corps during the Korean War. In 1955, they returned to Ray's hometown in Idaho to work on the ranch to help Ray’s dad and raise their 5 children. She spent many hours in the kitchen during the summers cooking for their hay crew on the wood stove. Their children have many great memories working with Ray. It was a good life. In 1998, Ray passed away.

They now have 27 grandchildren, almost 43 great grandchildren...and counting! Nedra loves being with her family and having a house full. She still teaches piano and in her spare time enjoys quilting, gardening, and cooking.

Scott & Sarah - 4th generation ranchers

Scott and Sarah (parents of Mitch) met in college at Brigham Young University.  After graduation, they returned to Idaho to join the family’s ranching business and have been on the ranch ever since. They have four married children and 14 grandchildren, all of whom live near them in southern Idaho. They enjoy Sunday dinners together, and most of the time the featured entrée is beef!

Since 2000, they have split their time between ranching and public service.  That year, Scott was appointed to represent District 27 in the Idaho House of Representatives.  In 2012 he was elected as Speaker of the House and has served in this role since then – making him the longest-serving Speaker in Idaho history.  

Eric & Marcie - 4th generation ranchers

Eric and Marcie (parents of Ryan) were both raised in Idaho, but went to college in Utah to find each other. After graduating, they returned to the ranch, as planned. They are the parents to 4 sons and one daughter - all married. They have 15 grandchildren …..and counting.

The ranch life and their great community has been a wonderful way to raise their family. Eric remains active in the day-to-day operations. Marcie works part-time as a Home Health social worker. Now empty nesters, their spare time continues to be utilized by going to family sporting events and music/dance performances, and finding many other excuses to be together throughout the year! 

 Ryan & Jacquie - 5th & 6th generation ranchers

Ryan (son of Eric & Marcie) and Jacquie met in college and this Canadian city girl quickly fell head over heels for this cute Idaho cowboy. After spending the first few years of their marriage traveling around the country for Ryan’s job, they decided they wanted to raise their family on the ranch where Ryan grew up. They moved back in 2010 just before they had their first child. They now have 6 children. Their favorite part about being on the ranch is being able to include their kids and work together as a family!

When they aren’t busy on the ranch, they enjoy family movie night (every Sunday with popcorn, of course) and love to explore new places and try new foods!

Mitch & Marissa - 5th & 6th generation ranchers

Mitch (son of Scott & Sarah) and Marissa have 3 kids. They moved back to the ranch in 2014. They both have loved being back home on the ranch with their family. Mitch has always loved being on the ranch. He loves to work outside and take care of the day to day activities around the place. He enjoys riding horses, roping, branding season, baling hay and loves the fall gather. They love being able to raise their kids on the ranch and their kids love to be on the ranch as well.