• Premium Quality Beef Since 1878

Premium Quality Beef Since 1878


What our customers are saying:

This is one of the best steaks I've ever grilled at home.

Brad | Chiles and Smoke

Best steak I've ever had in my LIFE. Our family devoured it and is asking how to order their own. I don't even have words to describe the magnificence. Hat Brand Beef is second to none!


Oh my gosh I did not know meat could taste so good!!! Bryan smoked your ribs and oh man, they were heavenly!


HBB exceeded my expectations in both quality and service...I'm committed to joining the HBB family for sourcing my beef and providing incredible flavor and quality to my own family!


Amazing quality beef - so flavorful, tender, and delicious! Just give it a try and you'll be hooked. Knowing and trusting where your food comes from makes such a difference.

Ribeye Rach

The meat was delivered in a timely fashion, meat arrived well preserved. The cuts of meat were amazing, and the flavor even better. lastly, it's well priced.


The meat tastes great! The marbling is excellent. The cuts are nicely sized (not too thick or thin). Flavor is buttery and smooth. The ground beef is undeniably top quality as it is the trimmings from all the steaks, etc.


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Our cattle spend most of their lives grazing in the high desert country of southern Idaho and northeastern Nevada. 4 generations of family ranchers work together to keep them happy and healthy.

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SINCE 1878

Our family has been sustainably ranching in southern Idaho since 1878. Since then, we have built our business around integrity, quality, and family. We are now teaching the 6th generation to carry that legacy.



Our beef is second to none! With a perfect melt in your mouth marbling and a 14 day dry age, each cut is full of rich flavor and buttery texture. From our steaks to premium ground beef, you can taste the difference!


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