Our Family Ranch

Our mother cows spend 8-9 months of the year on our high desert range in Southern Idaho and Northeastern Nevada. These hardy cattle work for a living! They climb up mountains and through rocks to get at our rich native grasses. During the winter, we bring them home, where we feed them hay that we grew on our ranch. We have rich, natural meadow grass fields that we harvest as well as alfalfa and oats that we grow on our farm ground. 

Once the calves are weaned from their mothers, they continue to grow as they eat grass and are supplemented with hay as necessary. Once they are large enough, we put them on a finishing ration based on hay and grain. The finishing process is what puts that delicious marbling into all of our beef. Once ready, they are harvested by our USDA inspected butcher.

We believe that it is important to involve our families for all of the process. It’s rare these days to not see at least one of our kids tagging along helping. From driving the feed truck to getting gates to saddling up to move cows; we believe in on the job training!

These days, it’s harder and harder to know where your food comes from. We invite you to follow us on social media and #knowthestorybehindyourbeef! You can have confidence in how your beef was raised and who raised it. We share day to day ranch life as well as behind the scenes of what it takes to get our premium beef to your doorstep.